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But it’s hard to make the argument that a lack of funds is the core problem that has driven waves of protests against the excesses of law enforcement.

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Many issues regarding policing in America have revolved around a perceived (or very real) lack of consequences for officers who violate the rights or otherwise harm civilians, and that is a topic that “APB” skirts around gingerly, when it’s not ignoring it altogether.

The drama is generally unwilling to engage meaningfully with what Reeves’ policing strategy would mean to the community, and the politicians on the show, when they’re seen at all, generally kowtow to whatever the billionaire wants.

The Chicago police union, a very powerful entity that would undoubtedly have a lot to say about Reeves’ “innovations,” is only mentioned in passing once in the first three episodes.

No one’s expecting a Fox cop show to resemble a documentary, but a bit more contact with reality, in the form of entrenched aldermen or resistant union officials, might have actually juiced up the stakes.

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