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I am hyper-appreciative of everything I have As such I don’t feel the need to have more than I already have, so I kicked up our charitable giving.

I guess you can say I’ve always wanted to stay grounded, even as my company “took off”. Move on to the next one 1–5 million — how’s your life different when you jump from one to the other? You’ll start making up outlandish shit just because. That is the first step in avoiding the “more for the sake of more” trap.

Then keep doing it, I bet you have a harder and harder time finding things you would do, if you have a chance to sell your company. I tossed and turned trying to figure out, what would I do differently? I finally settled on a minimum, 8 figures after taxes, pre earn out which was in part packaged with some of the best advice I ever got from one of my advisors: Pick a number, and then when that number comes, like a buffalo you find early on a hunt…shoot it.

I knew what it meant, he left our middle class town to go back to the hood, where he’d pick up “Guv’ment” Cheese.

Knowing people who live that way and being close to them impacts you in ways you can’t imagine.

I turned down calls from tire kickers all the time (saw you in the inc 5000, wanna sell?

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