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I have 3 beautiful daughtrs, and spent most of my adult life working as a nurse. I enjoy reading science fiction or fantasy fiction. I have in recent years had a many ups and downs along lifes journey and I feel like I am just trying to find some firm ground.

I am also trying to move past feelings of self-doubt and worthlessness, to a more positive view of myself as a person.

I possess a rich sensibility, I'm easily moved by the beauty of nature, a piece of art, a beautiful sound, a nice smell, those sort of things. If you think that we could be friends, please, send me a letter and tell me about you, in what you believe, tell me a good or bad new, something that amazes or scares you, anything about your inner world. I'm not interested in travels or possessions, it's impossible to know a country in just one visit and you're not what you own. I live in consett co, durham England hoping to hear from ladies between 30 to 60 prefer England Please no timewasters or smokers contact me soon Email: Languages: English Hobbies/Interests: Accumulating data Introduction: I am a robot designated K78412.

My mission is to understand the human species and report back to the master race.

I am flawed like everyone else, but I do have some good qualities to share with the world.