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The Creek War was part of the four-century-long Indian Wars.

It is usually considered part of the War of 1812 because it was influenced by Tecumseh's War in the Old Northwest, was concurrent with the American-British war and involved many of the same participants, and the Red Sticks had sought British support and aided Admiral Cochrane's advance towards New Orleans.

Following the occupation of Baton Rouge during the West Florida Rebellion, the United States, in 1810, sent an expeditionary force to occupy Mobile.

As a result, Mobile was jointly occupied by weak American and Spanish soldiers until Secretary of War John Armstrong ordered General James Wilkinson to force the Spanish to finally turn over control of the city in February 1813.

The Indian Line created a boundary for colonial settlement in order to prevent illegal encroachment on Indian lands, and also helped the U. In the Treaty of New York (1790), Treaty of Colerain (1796), Treaty of Fort Wilkinson (1802), and the Treaty of Fort Washington (1805), the Creek ceded their Georgia territory east of the Ocmulgee River.