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Any simple connector can be represented as some kind of "Data Model – Presentation View" structure.You have the geometry with UI for graphical presentation and have some data assigned to it to handle the underlying business objects and other stuff.In the previous articles of this series I was presenting some "Windows Forms" idea of drawing line connectors and updating their endpoints according to the positions of shapes being dragged.

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Trying to connect one property to multiple other ones you nevertheless need to get one value at the end and assign it to your line endpoint.

That’s why you need some converter to resolve the incoming values and return processed result to be applied to the property at the other end. Top", "Actual Width" and "Actual Height" to center the line endpoint properly.

In our case we’ll try to connect each endpoint property of the line to four properties of the corresponding shape. Fist we do is implementing the appropriate binding converter to get all this values and return one Point for the center of the shape.

Connector Binding The code doesn’t require commenting because the logic is clear I think.

On top of that Rick Strahl and Michele Leroux Bustamante compiled an excellent guidance document detailing several technique for localising WPF applications.