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I submit to you that the reason women quit being independent beauty consultants for Mary Kay Cosmetics is by and large because of failure in the business.

I do understand that some may be perfectly happy in Mary Kay, but quit because of family circumstances or other reasons.

The thing is – those ads pay my salary, as well as the other full time editors, professionals writers, and dedicated server costs that make Make Use Of what it is.

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Air Help debuted the new feature days after British Airways suffered a technological glitch which is estimated to have cost the company £150million in compensation costs.

However, according to the US-based app, eight million people around the world are eligible for damages relating to flight delays, yet less than two per cent will ever get the money they're entitled to.

I’m just saying that the vast majority likely quit due to a negative experience.

Over time, Mary Kay has been increasing its beauty consultant count.

is anything but harmless, and that’s why it’s so important for me to continue to educate people about the company. The name of the game is recruiting and frontloading.