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If you have problems listening to the audio files, see Help: Audio files.

However, Game Informer scored the game with 9/10 on the 360 and PS3, praising The Sims Studio for the console controls and the all new features, commenting that "The console edition of Sims 3 plays just like its PC predecessor".

When downloading the DLC and Updates, It will freeze at a random percentage, then eventually will show that the download is 100% complete and freeze. As of now, no one has found a solution to this glitch.

When your Sim dies, they will be playable as a ghost for five in-game days.

Like The Sims and The Sims 2 below it, the game has received mixed reviews from players with players comparing it to the PC/Windows Version despite features are returned that were only on Windows and Mac OS X such as Children.