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As for our examples, not everything turned out well in the actual cases upon which they are based.

The distraught mother scenario illustrates a double boundary crossing.

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The reasoning for this has included the recognition that boundary crossing cannot be totally avoided, some belonging under certain circumstances may even be helpful to the client (or at least cause them no harm), and sometimes boundary crossings are mandated (Barnett, 2017a).

On the surface, the loosening of restrictions also feels more protective of therapists, allowing for leeway as to how therapists and their clients interact.

What the therapist may deem as an acceptable, even helpful, boundary crossing may be experienced as inappropriate or harmful by the client, as will be discussed further.

Our main goal for this course is to make a strong case for vigilance and ongoing self-awareness when making decisions about boundary crossing with clients.

Many ethical challenges arise on the basis of highly variable and unpredictable contextual factors.