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Another user wrote: 'Morning nursery kids have been let out but nobody else is allowed in or out of school now, gates are all locked.

No idea what's happened but they are keeping the kids safe inside.''As a precautionary measure there is a small police presence at the school and in the local area while enquiries continue, but officers at the scene say there is currently no immediate confirmed risk to pupils or teachers.

What I would like to know is if part of that 0,000 fine goes back to Academy of Dover. Taxpayers were robbed by Rodriguez, they deserve to have their tax money go back to what it was allocated for.

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Apparently, for Noel Rodriguez, it was whatever he wanted to do. Today, the former Principal of Academy of Dover pled guilty in the U. District Court in Wilmington according to Cris Barrish with WHYY. He spent the money on electronics, travel, car expenses, gardening and camping equipment, home improvement items and a dog house. Rodriguez got a $250,000 fine and will assuredly be facing jail time at his sentencing, up to ten years.

District Court in Wilmington that he stole in a number of ways, including charging personal expenses to four unauthorized school credit cards and a state credit card. Attorney, David Weiss, is in charge of Delaware when it comes to federal matters in court.

Word on the street is Chuck Taylor will be resigning soon and collecting that nice increased pension based on the past three years of service when he came back to rescue the school during the fall of 2014. For Rodriguez, this puts a capper on that shenanigan.

As the article mentioned, Academy of Dover is still open and they actually increased their enrollment this year.

“A major concern regarding the situation at the [school] is the length of time that passed without any intervention from oversight parties” the school board of directors and auditors, the Department of Education and the Charter School Accountability Committee, the report said. Sean Moore and Tennell Brewington of Family Foundations Academy and now Rodriguez all pled guilty. And the fact that one of the entities Davies slammed in her audit investigation just so happens to have PCA’s Head of School on it?