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Object Designation #: Item-001 Containment Class: Keter-Thaumiel Containment Status: Active-Stable Containment Procedures: Item-001 is currently contained in San Marco, Mexico, beneath the previous site of the San Marcos de la Vida Eterna church.

Long range ballistic fire is also advised, as to not immediately attract the attention of Item-001.

Delta: In the event of a failure of Procedure Beta, Foundation-controlled long-range ballistic weapons are to be activated and used directly on Item-001.

An attack on a Foundation research facility in the Sudan by Kingdom of Abaddon forces increased the drastic need for a long-range defense system, and expedited the timeline for an active Item-001.

By order of the Foundation Administrator, additional resources were granted to aid in the development of more effective testing protocols.

Item-001 instances emit massive amounts of gamma radiation, often in excess of ███GJ, in distinct patterns.