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Even some Saudi conformists and the ruling family have scaled onto the social-media craze as quickly as the liberals, and may be even in greater numbers.Religious leaders take to social networking The five most trending Twitter accounts are those of clerics. “That competes with the Leonardo Di Caprio’s of the world,” Mai Noman of the BBC said jokingly.

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“The rulers can’t hide anything anymore,” said a student in Riyadh.

The kingdom’s ageing rulers will loathe to confirm rumors such as those about internal strife in the royal family as the next generation of princes fight for power.

In a society where women need to get permission from a male guardian to travel, go see the doctor or apply for education, not surprisingly 87% of Saudi users on social media are men.

However, social media are a force for modernity, although at a slow pace ideal for Saudi Arabia’s establishment.

Women have made steady advances in education and work, even though they are forbidden from driving and need permission from a male guardian to obtain a passport and travel overseas.