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For so many of us, the legendary comedian Dick Emery was as much a part of our childhoods as fish fingers and peas. In reality, he was a hugely selfish, sex-obsessed individual whose woeful neglect of his only daughter — indeed, the neglect of all of his children — caused so much emotional turmoil it has taken Eliza the best part of her adult life to come to terms with it.

You think about it, don’t you, but you never do it. I had to have a bit of therapy a few years ago to get me through my low self-esteem.

Eliza’s mother, Victoria Chambers, was his fourth wife.

He said: ‘If ever there was a case that demonstrates what sexual grooming was, it is this case.'In the video, Emery initially denied turning up to meet anyone but then admitted what he had done.

Emery then asked to sit down after a dizzy spell and explained: ‘What I say and what I do is two different things - all I can do is apologise.

A perverted football coach snared by ‘paedophile hunters’ outside the Houses of Parliament after he tried to meet a 15-year-old girl for sex has been jailed for a year.