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Eilidh Barbour presents coverage of the latest events on day two of the 23rd staging of the Games, which takes place in Pyeong Chang, South Korea, including cross-country skiing, snowboarding, ice hockey and speed skating.

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Medical drama, starring Martin Shaw and Niamh Cusack (repeat)Documentary following members of the New Zealand highway patrol as they witness some of the best and worst behaviour on the nation's motorways.

The series is centred around the roads of Auckland, the country's largest urban area, and features motoring chaos including major traffic collisions, escaped animals and pedestrians on busy roads.

At the Fontainebleau, he meets a man with eye-opening stories about Frank Sinatra's regular visits and gets a shock when he discovers how much it costs to hire a booth in the night club.

Richard also gatecrashes swimwear fashion week at the Raleigh Hotel, where he speaks to the event manager about the many celebrity parties he has organised (subtitles) (repeat)Construction workers find a decomposed body on a building site, and Rush reopens the case of a grocery clerk who went missing in 1984, when his ambition to become a dancer brought him more enemies than friends (subtitles) (repeat)Andrew returns to Cardale after six months away and asks for his old job back.

Her efforts pay off, and with fresher shades on the walls and a laminated floor, they soon find a buyer for the property (subtitles) (repeat)Allan Chapman profiles Greek philosopher Aristotle, whose writings defined the future course of scientific inquiry by framing the natural world as a unified whole governed by certain laws (subtitles) (repeat)Omnibus.