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Many physicians and prosecutors remain confident in those judgments, but some critics say those doctors can be wrong.

They claim innocent people have been sent to prison. After 11-month-old Melissa Mathes died in her care, Mary Weaver of Marshalltown, Iowa was charged with murdering the baby by shaking her.

More importantly, the Medical Examiner who testified against him changed his mind.

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Thousands nationwide have been prosecuted for harming or killing small children in this way.

The scales of justice in these cases often tip on the word of doctors who say they can discern that intentional shaking took place by the nature of the injuries suffered by the young victims.

Bailey, now 54, was convicted by a jury of second-degree murder.

A hearing has been scheduled, with "full-blown hearing with expert testimony" has now been scheduled, to weigh the validity of the "shaken baby" evidence in light of new evidence to the contrary. Over the last 30 years, shaken-baby syndrome has come to be considered one of the most heinous forms of child abuse.

In 2002, Drayton Witt of Maricopa County, Arizona, was found guilty of shaking his infant son to death.