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Bailey told police Brittney had fallen from a chair and hit her head on the floor.

Bailey, now 54, was convicted by a jury of second-degree murder.

A hearing has been scheduled, with "full-blown hearing with expert testimony" has now been scheduled, to weigh the validity of the "shaken baby" evidence in light of new evidence to the contrary. Over the last 30 years, shaken-baby syndrome has come to be considered one of the most heinous forms of child abuse.

She was sentenced to 32 years in prison for "shaking" the infant.

Matthew's pediatric records, however, show he had sickle cell trait and external hydrocephalus, factors not considered by the state's expert -- factors which could cause the child's death in precisely the manner it occurred. In yet another case that should never have been charged, Michael Hansen of Alexandria, MN, convicted of killing his infant daughter in 2004, has won a new trial. : Ramsey County, MN is investigating the work of Dr.

Many physicians and prosecutors remain confident in those judgments, but some critics say those doctors can be wrong.