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Lee Baas, Ph D Location: Free counseling service provided worldwide for missionary community Phone: U. I’ve traveled extensively, including spending the last four years of my life as a nomad, living and working in 26 different countries on four continents.

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I also have a diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

I work with low mood, anxiety, relationship challenges, isolation, transitions, overwhelm, stress, identiy/self/TCK.

I have also worked to train missionaries and humanitarian aid workers moving abroad, and worked to support them while on the field and helped them transition home.

Sarah BARCHAM (MSc, MBPs S) Location: Toulouse, France (31000).

The sorts of things people may bring to me include, but is not limited to: family and relationships issues, difficulties living as an expat, difficulties from childhood, burnout or collages of a professional function, stress, life-stage events, abuse and trauma, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, chronic illness, bereavement and loss, identity issues, self-esteem and confidence issues, mental health difficulties.