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Authorities are more worried about the South American fire ant that has made it into Australia and has been found around Brisbane.

Being very aggressive and having a powerful sting they have killed new born calves and birds and are considered quite able to kill people, authorities have gone to considerable trouble to try and eradicate this ant.

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He had his two dogs with him that survived and returned to the house, which alerted his family that something had to be wrong.

Unfortunately there was a bush fire in the area at the same time which hindered the search and burned the man's body before it could be found.

Police later charged Daniel Torres with the murder, having found his DNA in Bird's beak.

It turned out that while Daniel tried to kill Kevin, the Aussie superhero Bird violently pecked at Daniel's head and clawed at his skin in a desperate effort to save his owner!

The town of Nhulunbuy lies in a remote corner of the Northern Territory and is surrounded by bush land where wild buffaloes roam free.