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Clinical trials should incorporate a validated prognostic index to assess the results, because of the difficulties associated with undertaking large-scale trials and significant diversity of clinical features with ATL, even in the same clinical subtypes (acute, lymphoma, chronic, and smoldering).You can read my story, my position statement, and my other writing about the harms of the sex trade and sexual violence below.Oregon Health Plan (OHP) members must update their information to make sure they still qualify for health coverage.

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Let's just say that's not exactly how things worked out. I've wanted to address something for quite awhile. There is no other business that promotes racism as overtly and openly as the "adult" film business.

It's a lie I hear constantly about the "adult film" business. The porn industry will tell you over and over again that "porn sex is safe! I'm not just talking about the obvious racism in porn, such as the racist titles of many porn videos. Big Black Sticks, Little White Chicks, Me F*ck You Long Time, etc.). I'm speaking from the perspective of a half-black, half-white woman who has been there, and as someone who was engaged to a black male porn star.

For most of that time, I lived with another woman that did the same thing.

We both worked at strip clubs and regularly engaged in paid sex with men outside of the clubs.

" That really should have made it clear to me that I was less valued in this business, but hey, hindsight is 20/20. I could just do it for a few months, make enough to pay for school, or my debts or whatever, and then quit. I made the same assumptions, and started "dancing" at 18.