Preselection dating

Women showed an overall greater reliance on the decisions of same-sex partners than did men, although both were influenced by partner attractiveness.

This pattern was especially prominent when the attractiveness of the same-sex partner was low: women were less interested in engaging in a long-term relationship with the mate while men's interest in the mate was not different from their initial evaluations.

Because females are generally more selective in their choice of mates compared to men (due to differential parental investment) they may be more skeptical of mates paired with unattractive partners while males may have a high baseline interest in all potential mates." "[...] gaze differences could reflect differences between men and women in processing visual social information.

Preselection dating

The amount of time spent looking at partners influenced the women's mating decisions but the number of times looking back and forth between the partner and mate affected the men's mating decisions." "We found that proxy mating decisions made by people were strongly influenced by the attractiveness of partners depicted with potential mates.

Specifically, men and women were more likely to express interest in a long-term relationship with a potential mate when that mate was paired with an attractive partner [...] We found that men and women differed slightly in their mate-choice copying behavior.

It also goes into further detail regarding the interaction effects between attractiveness of the associate in the couples-pictures and the extent of mate-copying behavior. Very interesting article i use this dating site,havent tried okcupid thought.

But after reading this i all put myself with a good looking girl on my profile, so more girls would start writing me.

Then again, I doubt that many people put pictures up onto online dating sites that show them with their attractive opposite-sex friends...

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