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Jewish weddings can occur on any day of the week except the Sabbath, Jewish festivals, the three weeks between the 17th of Tammuz and the 9th of Av, and the "sefirah" period Passover & Shavuot (Lag Ba-Omer and other exceptions).

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Sometimes the bride is led in 7 circles around the groom to ward off evil spirits.

The bride stands to the right of the groom and the Rabbi recites the marriage blessings over a goblet of wine. The groom places the wedding ring on the forefinger of the bride's right hand and recites the marriage formula.

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The jewish wedding ceremony consists of two separate parts, Erusin, or Betrothal, and Nissuin, meaning Nuptials.

Jewish Wedding Ceremony terms of interest : Huppah: The term was originally referred to as the bridal canopy or bridal chamber. The cloth can be of an elaborate design or a large Talis may be spread over the staves.

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