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It represents God’s sheltering presence in the lives of the bride and groom, as well as the new home that they will build together.

The presence of family under the Chuppah, as well as its lack of walls, signify that their home will always be open to family and friends.

[...] At the conclusion of the ceremony, it is customary for the groom to break a glass. Some consider it a reminder of the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem in the first century, for even at the height of personal joy, we must not forget the tragedies that our people have endured.

Others explain that the fragile glass reminds us of the delicate natur [...] Yichud Following the ceremony, the newly weds customarily spend a few minutes in a private room for yichud, which means “togetherness.” There, they will quietly share the excitement of their first moments together as husband and wife.

Sometimes the bride is led in 7 circles around the groom to ward off evil spirits.