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Nine tackles and three pass deflections were Whitner's way of capping his outstanding three year Ohio State career.

You can still find him today, patrolling the Cleveland Browns secondary, and still seemingly confused (check out Donte's twitter name versus his twitter handle) about whether he wanted to be known as Donte Hitner or Donte Whitner.

If there's one thing guys hate, it's other guys talking about your sister, and when the guy who happens to be dating your sister is one of the best linebackers in college football? Hawk dominated both his personal match-up with Quinn (two sacks) and the game in general (12 total tackles).

While the constant viewing of the before mentioned Laura Quinn/Hawk got real old real quick during the game, watching Laura's face upon Quinn being sacked by Hawk was worth the price of that weird jersey alone.

Pittman left Ohio State on a nice note, to the tune of a 60 yard touchdown run to clinch the game for the Buckeyes.