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No, the Cisco 2900 Series platforms do not have dedicated EVM slots, but they do support the EVM card in their service-module slots (unlike the Cisco 2800 platforms) with the network module-to-service module adapter (NM-SM-ADAPTR).

Can the PVDM2 and PVDM3 DSP modules coexist on the Cisco 2900 Series routers?

The EHWIC slot is also backward-compatible with existing HWICs, voice interface cards (VICs), and WICs. The ISM is the evolution of the AIM slot available on earlier integrated services routers.

It provides additional capabilities such as increased throughput and integration with the MGF in the integrated services routers generation 2.

The motherboard domain can contain either all PVDM2 modules or all PVDM3 modules.