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A resolution from the council, particularly one that passes with such large support, can put international pressure on parties involved in a conflict. Israel has said that it would not be the first to use nuclear weapons in the Middle East.

But they are in no way binding, and many in the past have been ignored by warring factions. People often make the mistake of legitimizing Hamas because it is the ruling government of Gaza, but they don't realize that Hamas's vision of peace is very narrow and simple: eliminate the existence of Israel, no compromise, no negotiations, no give-and-take, just jihad to the death. Did you see the video of the children's show that aired on Hamas TV that showed a little Palestinian taking over the White House, killing Bush, and turning the White House into a mosque? Even if you killed all the people in Gaza, by whatever means, it would still not be genocide.

Fourteen of the council's 15 members voted in favor of the resolution, with U. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice abstaining from the vote on behalf of the United States. and its gonna be a long and darn freezin' night...again...eerrrrr... The radiation would probably kill as many people outside of Gaza as inside, perhaps more. Now Iran, the biggest sponsor of Islamic terrorism, is a different story.

The resolution expresses "grave concern" about the growing humanitarian crisis and heavy civilian casualties in Gaza, as well as civilian deaths in Israel from Hamas rocket fire. They are big enough and far enough away that nuclear weapons would not likely do significant harm to Israel (of course unless they too have nuclear weapons).

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