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Leave it to Madonna to show up to the Grammy's in a buzzworthy ensemble that left tongues wagging and cameras snapping.

The Material Girl loves to flaunt her enviable figure, and tonight was no different.

He delivers the final blow when he says, “Lose my number.” Mac believes Grace got to the deputy mayor when Jacob was the one who threatened him.

When Lorraine asks him who was on the phone, instead of lying as he had in the past, he says, “None of your business.” He then proceeds to call her everything (including “bottom-shelf” and “off-brand” ) but a child of God before telling her to get out!

Clad in a pink and black lace corset dress by Givenchy, she accessorized with leather thigh high boots, gloves, and a veiled hat. From pointy cone bras to Viking helmets to Indian saris - you name it, she's probably worn it at some point.

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    Now i've finally gotten round to writing one on the my computer and have decided to put it up for everyone to have a read.

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