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Their corporate office is located in Mooresville, NC.

Tagged as: lowes corporate, lowes corporate address, lowes corporate office, Lowes corporate office address, lowes corporate office phone number, lowes corporation, Lowes Customer complaint desk, Lowes customer complaints, lowes headquarters, lowes main office We ordered custom cabinets from Lowes store #119 in Atlanta over 2 months ago.

Turns out that many of the initial members I contacted never responded and the computer “auto responded” after 90 days with “no thank you, no response”.

I was having my membership fee charged to my credit card in monthly payments.

I was told the items would be delivered within 2-5 days and I would be notified. I heard nothing and I called the store on Monday – 1/29/ The items were expected that night. I have been promised return calls at least twice from customer representatives. I have been to the store an additional time, and actually bought light fixtures. I was put on hold and have been disconnected three times. I have been told I will be reimbursed for these items. I have the rest of the work waiting for these items.