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A gym teacher who frequently came late to school, smelled of booze and fell asleep in class.The identity of scores of bad teachers and dozens more each year is kept secret by the profession’s watchdog — the Ontario College of Teachers.

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One of Le Sage’s jobs is to “consider whether the College’s communication and publication practices prior to and following a hearing meet current standards of transparency.”To determine how many teachers’ identities are kept secret, the obtained copies of all decisions that the College makes public on its website or in its magazine.

The College said it publishes these decisions to educate members and show to the public that it is doing its job of protecting students.

A teacher who scared female Grade 6 students by drawing pictures depicting one girl’s death and tacking them to her dormitory window during a three-day outdoor education trip.

A principal and vice-principal who did not report a child’s allegations of sexual abuse, as required by law.

The photo showed the hefty amount from the driver on Dec. to an address on The Queensway that ended at p.m.“A friend of mine took a 20 minute #uber yesterday and was charged $18,518.50 for the drive!!