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He Doesn’t Play Games Forget the ‘three day rule’, the ‘ghosting’ and the ‘hot and cold treatment’ – the more mature man doesn’t need to play games.

He knows how to get a woman he wants and which buttons to press.

This authoritative existence can be the height of allure.

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Another pro of dating an older man is that he’ll have a presence that’s somewhat commanding.

When he walks into a room, he’s confident and he’s immediately got the respect of those around him.

Women love to talk and often find that with life experience comes more stimulating conversation.

A mature man will tell you about his worldly pursuits, he’ll dazzle you with his knowledge of everything from art to fine wine and his love of the finer things in life.

You might face an ‘excitement clash’ where one thing mesmerises you but he finds it unremarkable.