My friend is dating my brother

He had his own gym area built into his upstairs office and thats where I got ripped!

" Flexing his arms as he said that, lightening the mood. I laughed knowing exactly that he would try to sneak in while I was showering. Then off to his place where he hot showered and changed while I cleaned up his living room from the night before. That is until they were drunk but it was ok because I was too!

I'd like to get to know him better one-on-one but ... I usually wait for the other person to initiate but that hasn't happened here -- should I take that as a sign?

The thought of asking him out makes me feel like my throat is closing up.

I just wanted you to know and not have to tiptoe around it." "Why didn't my mom call child services? " He smirked as he took my hand to his hard on poking through his boxers.