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Hollering and screaming, he tightened his fist and threatened me and that's when I had had enough. The next day, all my belongings were on the front lawn and that was when I moved in with you guys! He brushed his tongue against my bottom lip, asking for entrance. I hugged him again, burying my face in his shirt, silently." I had been trying all day not to think about my dad but Brad just brought through the emotions I had been trying to suppress. "Anyway," He started, " I'm about to let everyone know but I wanted to let you know first, Stephanie and I are getting divorced." I looked up at him sympathetically, "Brad, I'm sorry! She never really loved me the way I loved her and I'm not willing to stay in misery on the chance that she might love me like that one day! "As long as you're happy, then I'm happy and you know I'll have your back through it all!

I punched him so hard and fast, I didn't realize what I was doing until it was done. " "I haven't been back home since, I finished school on my own, I worked with my uncle and earned my own money, put myself through trade school and the only other person I can thank is your Mom, she was always there for me, she believed in me and she took me in without even thinking about it! My lips parted and his tongue slid in against mine. I smiled and pulled away from him, "Time to get ready! "I miss him too squirt, especially around this time.

" "Babe, you're such an amazing guy, I'm sorry you had to go through all of that! " I continued, "You put so much effort into last night and I just ruined it! "C'mon, I did all of that last night and got no lovin'!

" "Kay, I wanted to tell you so that you'd know everything about me, I know a great deal about you but we never talked about my up bringing. I realized how hard it must have been for you to try to do all of that stuff when you hated the holidays because of your dad but you knew I loved it so you fought pasted all the feelings and did all of that for me! " "You don't have to apologize again babe, its behind us now, how about you spend less time talking and more time making it up to me?

Tyler yelled as he walked me over to the middle of his apartment. Some girl shows up at your apartment at 11pm on Christmas Eve and is obliviously trying to fuck you and you ask what's wrong with me?!? " He spoke, "I hooked up with her in the past but I swear I haven't seen her in months if not more than a year. " "Well you know what Ty, from the way you were flirting with her, she couldn't tell that you had a girlfriend! " "Look, you're drunk, I'm not letting you drive, let me at least drive you home." He pleaded. "I hooked up with her once and so did Josh and so did Andy and..." "Tyler? "Don't worry, I know he did and 'bro code' doesn't apply when its your sister involved! "Yes and Tyler so you can tell what kind of girl she is. As the night came to an end, we decided we were all too drunk to drive so we all stayed at Brad's.