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fusiforme and determined their mechanism of action.

TCM and Western approaches to disease treatment and drug development have been shown to be complementary to each other.

The high rate of HIV-1 mutation contributing to virus immune escape, combined with increase in sexual transmission and the significant clinical therapeutics side effects of the currently available treatments highlights the need for novel therapeutics with broad anti-viral activity against both CXCR4 (X4) and CCR5 (R5)-tropic viruses.

In our search for novel modalities against HIV infection, we investigated several aqueous extracts from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) collection and identified Sargassum fusiforme (S. Following the Western approach of drug discovery and development, we isolated several bioactive molecules from S.

Although many strategies may be adapted from work with other populations and from basic fields of cognitive and behavioral research, there are unique challenges facing persons with HIV/AIDS that affect the context in which services may be delivered effectively.