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but during the last 5-6 years I found out I just wasted my precious time for nothing.

so, I started to feel a real Gap in my life which could never be filled with anything, on I'm a caring and kind person with a good sense of humor, I am a loving person who cares a lot about others. like to go out dinning ,travelling, dancing and socializing I am not going to say , I am honest funny,, kind and caring and ...

” Back home, Ahmed told Jamell, “You see the trouble you have caused us?

forty days, Your Majesty,” said Ahmed, guessing the longest he could get. “Just find the chests like you found the ring.” “I tell you, Jamell, I found nothing! But this time there’s no hope.” Ahmed took some dried dates, counted out forty, and placed them in a jar. That will tell me when my forty days are done.” Now, it happened that one of the King’s own servants was one of the forty thieves, and he had heard the King speak with Ahmed.

In forty days, the King will lock me away.” “Nonsense,” said Jamell.

As they were listening, Ahmed ate a second date and said, “That’s two.” The thieves nearly tumbled over each other as they fled the roof and raced back to the chief. “Ahmed, during these forty days, I’ve been thinking. You are what you are, and I should not have tried to make you something else. ” “I forgive you, Jamell, but the fault is mine as well. But none of this helps us now.” Just then came a loud banging at the door. To his astonishment, he saw forty men kneeling before him and touching their heads to the ground again and again. “Your Majesty, my magic arts can find either the treasure or the thieves, but not both. ” “The treasure, I suppose,” said the King, “though it’s a pity not to get the thieves. “You are truly the greatest fortuneteller of the age! “From this day forth, you shall be my Royal Diviner! Here, take two of these chests for your own.” So Ahmed returned home to Jamell, safe, rich, and a good deal wiser.

“Tomorrow night, two of you will go.” So the next night, the servant returned to Ahmed’s roof with another of the thieves. Inside, Ahmed gazed at the last date in the jar, then sadly took it out and ate it. The number is complete.” Jamell sat beside him and gently took his hand. ” He went to the door and unbolted it, calling, “All right, all right, I know why you’re here.” He swung the door open. But you must replace every bit of the treasure.” “At once! Early the next morning, Ahmed appeared before the King. Tell me where the treasure is, and I’ll send my men right away.” “No need, Your Majesty.” Ahmed waved his arms in the air and called, “Pish posh, wish wosh, mish mosh.” Then he announced, “By my magic, the chests have returned to their place.” The King himself went with Ahmed to the treasury and found it so.

I am a well educated,well travelled,knowledgeable about other cultures,open tothem&still like to learn more, spiritual, humanitrarian, giving, serious where I have to be,patient,nice, I like music,li The most important thing about me is that I love life and love everything that makes life including love.