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He hurried back to the meeting place and told the chief, “This diviner has amazing powers. I clearly heard him say, ‘That’s one.’” “You must have imagined it,” said the chief. And so it went till the fortieth night, when the chief said, “This time, I’ll go with you myself.” So all forty thieves climbed up to Ahmed’s roof to listen. He thought fast and said, “Very well, I won’t turn you in. And before the night was through, forty pairs of hands carried forty chests of gold and jewels back into the King’s treasury.

He told Jamell, “That’s one.” The thief was so shocked, he nearly fell down the stairs. So the night after that, he sent three of the thieves, and the next night four, then five, then six. ” Bewildered though he was, Ahmed realized that these must be the thieves.

But now you must find the thieves and the treasure.” Ahmed felt faint. Here are a few notes on elements of the story: Isfahan.

You might enjoy looking for them in folktale collections and discovering his additional adventures.

Hardly had he gotten settled when there ran up to him the wife of one of the King’s ministers. I wore my most precious ring to the bath today, and now it’s missing. There he spied a small hole, and showing through the hole, a bit of her naked arm. This is a one-piece cloak and shawl combined, most often black or dark blue, which wraps loosely around the woman’s regular clothes.