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But Fincher, coming off the acclaimed and commercial hit “Seven” at the time, said he was immediately addicted to the novel. “Who the fuck doesn’t want to see credit card companies blow up?

” The feature adaptation of “Fight Club,” co-starring Helena Bonham Carter and Meat Loaf (or “Bitch Tits” as he was called in the film), was also a major disappointment at the box office in 1999 and received mixed reviews from critics.

David Fincher may not be the first filmmaker that comes to mind when thinking about the perfect date movie, but he’s certainly one of the most fitting.

Exacting, meticulous, and whip-smart, Fincher’s efforts range from the macabre (), but all of his films are on a base level entertaining.

In many ways he’s the closest thing we have to a modern Alfred Hitchcock—a filmmaker interested in entertaining his audiences above all, but also offering a thematic meal to chew on long after the credits have rolled. That film ruffled studio feathers even though Fincher had been completely upfront about the kind of movie he was making, and while it was gaining traction as a cult favorite, Fincher’s brand of satire was falling on some deaf ears as viewers embraced the picture for the wrong reasons.

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    What I was interested in was something ordinary, something normal, that might happen that way. For me, they don’t have any symbolic meaning”, according to the artist. The title describes and at the same time renders poetic the artist's walk.

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    One scene has Florence discovering a peephole into the bathroom where Robert is bathing.

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