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I did express that also, albeit politely and not in a, “If you move there I’M NOT VISITING YOU/DATING YOU,” kind of way, just in a, “No thanks, not my scene,” kind of way.)Believe it or not, we are still “dating”.The headspace I am in right now is that there is a piece of him that cares about me, and a piece of me that cares about him, and that a substance abuse problem is getting in the way.

I also, as I do on all first dates, asked him if he smoked, because I refuse to date people who smoke any sort of anything. Boyfriend was, when we met, living with them in a town about a half hour away from me.

He said that he used to, cigarettes and weed, but that he had quit “a while ago” to focus on his goal of entering the military (he was 24, no college degree; now 27, and me 28) to better his life.– He focused a lot of time on hanging out with his cousin. – Four months into the relationship, my roommate left in a dramatic fashion. He did move stuff in, purchase a TV, and pay rent, but he still spent majority of his time at Cousin’s house.– Six months later we decided to find a different place because he wanted a garage to work on cars and I wanted a more peaceful town. I did the work beforehand of, “Let’s make sure we don’t stop dating each other.

She cannot accurately estimate how long something will take or when she’ll be free to save her life.

The time zone difference means that I’m often giving up prime social hours to talk with her, so this is pretty upsetting.

He considered this, but he still moved in with them.