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Tony's surgery was a success, but he was keeping it a secret.

When Rex and Cassie rejected Marlena, she and John decided to return to the Di Mera island complex to determine if Marlena really is the twins' biological mother.

Tony asked Marlena to be a mother to the twins, but she refused. Rolf de-programmed Cassie and Rex on Tony's orders.

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Chloe was thrilled and relieved to learn that she was still in remission.

Sami was up to trouble again; first a blow out with Lexie that almost revealed the truth about Brandon fathering her child, and then caught red-handed by Brady "kissing up" to Tony.

Hope continued to be haunted by what she thought were "visions" of Larry unaware that he was alive and taking advantage of her shaky emotional state.

Alice celebrated a special birthday with the Horton clan.

Tony caused Grandpa Shawn's heart attack after he revealed to a shocked gathering at Colin's memorial that he and John were brothers.