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A detailed project report has been submitted by M/s.

Tamilnadu Water Investment Company, Chennai at a project cost of Rs. This project proposal has been submitted to Commissioner of Municipal Administration, Chennai to take up under UIDSSMT scheme of Jn NURM.

To tackle the above situation various steps have been taken by this corporation. of borewell with mini power pump works at an estimate cost of Rs.106.80 lakhs under General fund, 14 borewell with mini power pump works at estimate cost of Rs.45.50 lakhs under self sufficiency scheme and 50 borewell with mini power pump works at an estimate cost of Rs.170.00 lakhs under drought relief fund have been taken up. Erode corporation has been consistently maintaining the power factor above 0.9 thus avoiding the compensation charges payable to Electricity Board for maintaining lower power factor.

However even with the available vehicles the lifting of garbage is above 300 MTs on Mondays & Tuesdays.

The data on secondary transportation is watched every day by the City Health Officer.

So far only 2 number of minor fire accidents have occurred as against 10 in the past.

To process the solid waste, Erode City Municipal Corporation has entered into a BOT agreement with a private enterprise IWMUST since June 2009. of Vibro screen and the garbage is processed and manure is prepared.

To transport the loaded bins from the collection points to the disposal site following vehicles are utilized.