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There, they found airplane wreckage in and near an unnamed lake. Another military plane went missing on May 9, 1957, when Air Force Lieutenant David Steeves was piloting a T-33 training jet.

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When he died of a heart attack in 1959, he still had not found his son or any evidence of the missing plane.

A year later, however, it would be found in July 1960 by to United States Geological Survey researchers who were working in a remote section of the High Sierra, west of Le Conte Canyon in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks.

Fish, bombardier; Sergeant Robert Bursey, engineer; and Sergeant Howard A. The flight was a routine night training mission taking off from Fresno, California’s Hammer Field destined to Bakersfield, California to Tucson, and return.

An extensive search mission began the very next day when nine B-24 Bombers were sent out to find the missing plane.

Captain Darden, his airplane, and remaining crew would not be seen again until 1955 when Huntington Lake reservoir was drained for repairs to the dam.