Beluga pod not updating

Its sillage is just moderate, but I guess Guerlain meant to manage it this way, nothing to be so loud, but as I mentioned elegant and sophisticated,,, lovely scent After Armani Sensi was taken off the market, I never believed I would ever enter again into a longer-term relationship with another perfume :-) Armani Sensi was my allrounder years ago, I could wear it a whole week without getting bored. And I started reassessing what I like, and why I like it. Well, having said all that, I tried it again today - in a department store, on card and on skin - and my goodness! Who knows what happened to my chemistry, but it was fresh, luminous, sparkling lavender - a gorgeous, natural tone - undercut with the most deliciously creamy caramel nutty toffee-like gourmand hit. Whatever changed in me, I am so chuffed - I really love this now, and will keep an eye out for a good value full bottle.

beluga pod not updating-90

somewhere in the hurricane Harvey pod in my front yard that holds all my belongings, i have a 50 ml bottle of lavender essential oil. I agree that the longevity could be better but for me this is not an issue.

Wore this out for the first time today, and I am so enamored by it! ) thing about it is, in those last 3 hours of wear, the scent surrounds you like a halo of sweet creamy vanilla-lavender.

But I expect that type of safety from those favorites, from Guerlain I expect Wacky-loveable-Aunt-at-Thanksgiving-Dinner antics, and I guess I'm just sore from disappointment.

Nice edition from Mon Guerlain, sweet, chic, elegant, but to be honest nothing unique, the best part for me is the dry down, i've never tested something sweet and it turns to something creamy like this does, i don't know how they manage that!

After a while I kept sniffing my hand and suddenly it turned creamy and slightly sweet!! Later that one spray on my arm (which I could not stop sniffing all day) evolved into a salted caramel. So, when I wear this I apply a thin layer of Al-Rehab Golden Sand oil before I spray Mon Guerlain and the problem is solved! I never noticed any longevity problems with MG alone, but layered with the oil this lasts into the next day on me. Well, you could knock me down with a feather - I am all astonishment.