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The words of the school's new dean had special resonance for those members of the Class of 2016 who were graduating with a fellow classmate as a partner.This year, there was an unusually large number of couples among the 178 students.

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Trying to match residencies as a couple was especially grueling.

Amazingly, they both matched with their first choice: USC. I applied to 45." Their list of possible combinations was 200 items long.

Since they both grew up in Southern California, they decided to carpool down to visit their families for the holidays.

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas of 2012, they became a couple.

"Our lives are very hectic and it's not necessarily the long hours -- it's the uncertainty of the hours." Su, 27, who grew up mostly in San Jose, said it's been a huge benefit to be involved with "someone who knows the ridiculousness of being a third-year med student and the demands on your time and being able to share candidly your passion for patient care." "I was stuck on a case in my surgery rotation that was supposed to take two hours and instead took eight," Su recalled. All I needed was some sugar and someone to rant to. We had plans.' It was just, 'I get it.' When I was at my limit studying for the boards, I told Erik, 'I can't handle human contact, even you.