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New Hampshire’s state motto is Live Free or Die, and you can see evidences of this in the few regulations.

No sales tax, no enforced seat belt law, and no required auto insurance gives people freedom to live the way they see fit.

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I work and I'm looking to build my life with a woman who deserves me and vise versa.

I need to deserve her also i know I'm romantic and I always but my girl first if she's the right one. I love to cook all kinds of things and feed people. I do tarot readings and the cards say there's a high chance that with communication and respect we can make out in my dorm.

I still miss the finer things of city life, but relish the laid back beauty of the White Mountains. I go to film festivals and travel to Europe, North Africa and Asia. I drove up the Mt Washington Auto Road and yes it was terrifying but I really wanted that bumper sticker lol. I'm naturally an introvert and great conversation is a favorite sport. I'm a constant thinker and analyze most everything by nature. In 27 I have 3 kids ..very out spoken outgoing, I love to have fun an lots of laughs lifes to short for b.s. & I also love hanging out with family&friends I love taking care of people im very kind but cross me &I can be the devil in a red dress.of speak xoxoxo Hi, I'm Julie (or juju or jewels) I have two sons ages 4 and 8 and a puppy almost 1.

Sometimes I spend months at a time living someplace, then I come home, to the melting snows. If anything I've said strikes a chord with you, please take a chance and message me. I did it, but with a lot of swearing on the drive up and drive down.. They always come first even though lately I think I do need a night out to focus on me. I'm looking for more adult socializing/conversation(without drugs or alcohol) I really love to read and write.

I might not be the fittest person out there, but I'm always ready to pick things up and put them down if that's what you're looking for.