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Proximity friends from high school had dissipated, naturally; when you don’t have much in common, those bonds don’t remain.

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(We’ll celebrate “Friendsgiving” later this week.)We make intentionality so uncool sometimes. Be as uncool as possible if that’s what it takes; ideally, your true, vulnerable self, with a heart desperate for the right kind of connection.

We love to romanticize “organic” connections, “natural” relationships and friendships.

But I did look her up, and she seemed utterly normal. She wrote fiction, and even live-tweeted For most of said life, I was convinced I wasn’t a “people” person.

I grew up in a smallish Midwest town with a population just shy of 10,000.

In May 2015, I broke up with my boyfriend on a Tuesday. I remember tracing every detail of the sky, over and over again in my mind until I fell asleep.