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Although time devoted to listening to music varies with age group, American youth listen to music from 1.5 to 2.5 hours per day.

Still, a study performed with a small sample of at-risk youth revealed an average of up to 6.8 hours of music-listening per day.

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Furthermore, Roberts et al found that 33% of those listening to music did so while performing other tasks or activities.

These data support the idea that the prevalence of music-listening in adolescents may be even higher than that of television viewing.

With many children and adolescents listening on i Pods or other devices using headphones, parents may have little knowledge of what their children are listening to.

Research on popular music has explored several areas such as its effects on schoolwork, Although the emotional response to music depends on the way it is presented, it is also true that it is closely related to the age of the listener and the experiences or preconceived ideas they bring to the music.

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