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Though the sex trafficking hysteria is dying, moral panics get worse as they collapse, and even after the panic is history the tyrannical laws it engendered will still be there for “authorities” to destroy lives with, just as the 20-century criminalization laws lasted for decades after the demise of the “white slavery” hysteria which spawned them.

If you have an internet platform or the freedom to speak on the subject, you might take a look at this list of suggestions for arguments you can make; you won’t get to say any of that out to a politician’s secretary, but swaying members of the general public is important, too.

His younger brother was present, and incidentally, so was the brother’s friend.

The brother thought this friend was 19 years old, but he turned out to be just 17.

– Angela Mollard Friday the Thirteenth Deviant Ollam, who designed our “Mc Neill/Matisse 2020” T-shirts, tells hackers why they should support sex workers: Sex workers face many of the same stigmas that hackers do.