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NET Web Application CIS 407 i Lab 2 of 7: User Input Web Pages CIS 407 i Lab 3 of 7: User activity monitoring CIS 407 i Lab 4 of 7: Web forms with database interaction CIS 407 i Lab 5 of 7: Transaction Processing CIS 407 i Lab 6 of 7: Login and Security Levels CIS 407 i Lab 7 of 7: Error Notification via E-Mail Open Microsoft Visual Studio. Optional: Perform this step only if you are doing this lab using Visual Studio 2008 installed on your own computer, your computer has Internet Information Services (IIS) installed, and you have administrative rights to IIS. Count // Add your comments here // Add your comments here if (cls Business Layer.

Add the following code in the cls Business Layer class: // **** Add the following at the top of the class file, // Add your comments here using System. Mail; //**** Add the following code inside the body of public class cls Business Layer **** public static bool Send Email(string Sender, string Recipient, string bcc, string cc, string Subject, string Body) STEP 2: Integration (10 points) Open the frm Login web form code behind file and add the following code to the body of the if (ds User User Login.

If you are doing this lab using the i Lab (Citrix) server, or if you do not have access to IIS, skip to step 8.

Add a main form option called Manage Users that is only accessible to admin users.

Add the link and image buttons as we have done in the past.

Add the following code to the login control Authenticate event handler: // Add your comments here ds User ds User Login; // Add your comments here string Security Level; // Add your comments here ds User Login = cls Data Layer. Authenticated = false; STEP 3: Test and Submit (10 points) Open the frm Personnel form and add the following code to its Page_Load() function: // Add your comments here if (Session[“Security Level”] == “A”) else Set the start page as frm Try to log in with both User and and User and Any other user ID and password should not allow you to log in.

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