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These are Ħaġar Qim (in Qrendi), Mnajdra (in Qrendi), Ta' Ħaġrat Temples (in Mġarr), Skorba Temples (in Żebbiegħ) and Tarxien Temples (in Tarxien).Many of the names used to refer to the different sites carry a link with the stones used for their building.The clay tends to be well prepared and fired very hard, while the surface of the scratched ware is also highly polished.

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To it belong the last two stages in the development of the temple plan.

The western temple at Ġgantija represents, along with other units in Tarxien, Ħaġar Qim and L-Imnajdra, the penultimate stage in development, that is, the introduction of a shallow niche instead of an apse at the far end of the temple.

It represents an important development in the cultural evolution of neolithic man on the islands.

To this date belong the earliest datable temples and the first two, if not three, of the stages of development in their ground plan: the lobed or kidney-shaped plan found in Mġarr east, the trefoil plan evident in Skorba, Kordin and various minor sites, and the five-apsed plan Ġgantija South, Tarxien East.

After this date, the temple building culture disappeared.