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Taking full advantage of this option often requires database export scripting knowledge in order to get just the right “flavor” of XML exported from the database so that In Design will work well with it.If you work with a database and In Design, why not allow them to interface directly?

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This basic introduction to In Design/database integration begins with a summary of available data sources and In Design’s built-in tools for working with them. This is easily done by highlighting all the text then going to the table menu and selecting “convert text to table.” Data Merge.

I’ll then discuss the essential components of a database-to-In Design automated workflow and review several third party plugins. Strictly speaking, this is a text file representing data where each value is separated by a comma and each row ends with a hard return. A utility included with In Design that merges the content of a CSV with a template of your design.

In cases where (1) a live link to the data is not beneficial, and (2) the data must be prepared via scripting prior to import into In Design, or (3) you wish to preserve formatting that may exist within the data as HTML (or some other format), then it may be wise to consider the XML solution.

You may already be hiring and working with a developer to write custom server-side scripting to get the data into the right format for In Design; chances are you don’t want to spend even more for a plugin that you may not need.

Chances are you’ve been spending countless hours getting data back and forth “the hard way.” While solutions to transfer data directly may be expensive “up front,” they save money in the long run.