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The Consignments like I said are two metal trunk boxes weighing about 65kg each (Internal dimension: W61 x H156 x D73 (cm) effective capacity: 680 L) Approximately.The details of the consignment including your name and email on the official document from PORTNOVO BENIN REPUBLIC IN AFRICA where the shipment was tagged as personal effects/classified document is still available with Airport it stands now, you have to reconfirm your full name, Phone Number, full address so that I can cross-check and see if it corresponds with the one on the official documents.Please share this scam alert with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

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Does the image appear to be the photo of someone else?

Is the image used on other dating sites with different profile information? Cleverly and subtly ask a few questions that would confirm their truthfulness and/or first hand knowledge of the city.

"I had to sell my good phone a couple of weeks ago, and all this one does is allows me to access the internet." Or "I am so sorry Honey, the internet/phone connections here are very poor." Or "International connections cost a fortune on my phone and I can't afford it." 8) Your date's early replies seem to be answered quite personally, but as time goes on, questions often go unanswered and (his) correspondence feels more and more generic, until they get around to the 'great pitch'. They are developing numerous 'prospects' and once you're hooked, you get less attention until 'bam-time'.

Also watch out for occasional letters that are repeated or don't make ANY sense.

Kennedy International Airport located in Queens, in the south-eastern portion of New York City.