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It is often the first point in the drawn-out end of the marriage when the former partners can begin can begin to think about the future, putting the hurt and acrimony behind them.

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Increasingly the view is that ‘non-matrimonial’ assets – i.e.

those not acquired in the course of the marriage – should be ring-fenced once reasonable needs have been met.

It makes no sense to exaggerate or underplay your budgets when filing our your Form E. Your future housing needs and income requirements are some of the most critical parts of your Form E, so investigate and do your homework before submitting this information to the court.

Your solicitors should be able to provide budgetary advice, but if not, our worksheet could be a useful starting point.

Key points If you have reached this stage, whether you are the husband or wife, the wealthier party or the dependent one, there are some key points to bear in mind while the fine details of the settlement are finalised. The courts will want clarity about where and with whom any children will live so they can determine the size and type of housing required to meet their needs.