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And an emotional affair can lead to a physical one. In fact, it may well be easier to forgive your partner for having an emotional affair rather than a physical one…the guilty party has shown restraint and held back physical desire inspite of being in love.

On the other hand, a physical affair is just that…purely physical. And there is also more trust as people don’t fall in love too often, not in most cases.

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When I heard Karan Johar say on television that there is a distinction between a physical affair and being in love, and that he didn’t ‘consider physical infidelity as infidelity in the larger sense of the word’ and that a physical affair sometimes ‘gives you a new rigor in your relationship,’ I couldn’t help wondering how many people believed this.

Was this just what the bold and the beautiful jet-setting crowd believed (heck, I should start reading page 3!

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