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I'm the mother of a 5 year old bilateral congenital diaphragmatic hernia survivor. I'm searching for other families in the area to ...

In Search of Other CDH Families Hi and thank you for taking the time to read my ad.

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A 14 or 15 year old can consent to sexual activity as long as the partner is less than five years older and there is no relationship of trust, authority or dependency or any other exploitation of the young person.

This means that if the partner is 5 years or older than the 14 or 15 year old, any sexual activity is a criminal offence.

first off I'm a 28 year old male here in Saskatoon. §∞8◉8∞§ Åñçïęñŧs ⌘ Ęãŕŧḫėṛș Ḋíṿįṇìṇġ Ḍöṫṭḝṛṡ ~ Ĝålåḉṭįḉ Šůñṣ Ṁóòñṩ, Pläṇẽtṩ, Ŧēȓȓąṩ, Çöłłęçţïṽēṩ, Ǧṝặḉẽṧ Ğäṗṗiṅğ Ŧøŧął... Come to our Valentine Supper featuring HOMEMADE stews, buns, salads and desserts. I'm a student in my 20's, I love animals, art, science, music, exploring, learning and growing, so I'm taking a chance here and hoping to meet ...

Great Food - Valentine Supper Do you love scrumptious food? Female Looking for female friend I am literally only looking for friendship with a women.

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