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It is strong as well, I use it with a 3 pound (about 1.5 Kg) 100-500 mm lens and it does not even flinch.

There are only a few sites in the Near East dating to the Neolithic where actual textiles have been found; the earliest of these include Nahal Hemar (Schick, 1988), Çayönü (Vogelsang-Eastwood, 1993), Halula (Alfaro, 2002), and Çatalhöyük (Burnham, 1965).

Other evidence is found in the shape of textile impressions, for example at El-Kowm (Maréchal, 1989: 62), Jerf el-Ahmar (Jamous et Stordeur, 1999: 97), and Jarmo (Adovasio, 1975-1977: 223-230; Barber, 1991: 79).

1 Even though there is no material evidence available from earlier periods it is not unlikely that some rudimentary form of thread or textile production already existed, using plant fi bres, (human) hair, or sinew.