How to overcome online dating addiction

In order to have a healthy, loving relationship, one must have the ability to give love as well as receive it. When the love object pulls away or threatens to pull away, disapproves of, or disagrees with the love addict, the love addict experiences strong negative feelings.

These intolerable feelings typically cause him or her to engage in unhealthy behaviors.

You see, real love involves intimacy, which requires a willingness to be vulnerable.

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Of course, no one can provide all of these things or meet such excessive demands.

Their expectations are unrealistic and, as can be expected, their relationships always end in disappointment.

Suddenly your world is completely turned upside down.

You feel an excitement – an energy, if you will – that makes everything seem new and wonderful.

Of course, most people realize that the wonderful initial feeling of new love doesn’t (and can’t) last forever.