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Because of its command line nature, it can be integrated easily in a batch processing of several images with the same noise characteristics.By the way, David Tschumperlé is looking for a maintainer for The Gimp GREYCstoration plugin, so if you have the right skills and motivation, get in touch with him.A couple of comments in my previous entry about noise mentioned GREYCstoration, an opensource software that aims to bring the same quality of denoising than Noise Ninja.

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So let’s take a look at this program and see what we can get out of our example image.

GREYCstoration has quite a few options to tweak around as can be seen on their user’s manual.

By the way, this options is currently only working in the command line version.

The result is good, although it is possible to do better: To get the “better option”, I opened the original image in The Gimp, desaturated it (using Luminance) and picked “color to alpha” to have the white parts of the image transparent.

The processing to approximately for ever and a day to complete.

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